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role et missions


The mission of the Moroccan National Olympic Committee is to develop, promote and protect the Olympic Movement throughout the Moroccan territory, in accordance with the constitution of the Kingdom of Morocco, the Olympic Charter and the Law No. 30-09 concerning Physical Education and Sports. 

To ensure its mission, the Moroccan National Olympic Committee benefits from the assistance of the State and the local authorities through conventional agreements of partnerships. The Moroccan NOC can also establish cooperative relations with any other continental and / or international sports institution following the current legal regulations.

Roles of the National Olympic Committee :

  • To ensure the full respect of the Olympic Charter, the code of ethics, the world Anti-Doping code and all other IOC rules throughout the Moroccan territory. The Moroccan NOC guarantees as well the protection of the Olympic properties in the territory in respect of the Olympic Charter.
  • To promote the fundamental principles and values of Olympism throughout the Moroccan territory, especially in the fields of Sport and Education.
  • To encourage the development of High Performance Sport and Sport for All.
  • To encourage the national sports federations by enhancing high-level sport and promoting sport for all in the field of training leaders, sports executives as well as in the fields of research, prospection, documentation, communication and infrastructure. 
  • To consider responsibly environmental issues and sustainable development.
  • To ensure the full trancpenrency in implementing the good governance
  • To act against all forms of discrimination and violence in sport 
  • To adopt and implement the World Anti-Doping Code by ensuring conformity with the regulations applyed by the Moroccan NOC.
  • To encourage and support the health care of athletes through collaborations with the most qualified medical staff.
  • To contribute to all actions aimed to promote the representation in public and sports bodies at the national and international level.
  • To participate actively in olympic solidarity programs as well as actions led or sponsored by the IOC.
  • To establish, organize and lead the Moroccan delegation that participates in the Olympic Games, regional, continental and international multidisciplinary competitions sponsored by the IOC. The Moroccan NOC decides on the registration of the athletes proposed by their national federations. It is also responsible for the behavior of the members of these delegations.
  • To choose and nominate the Moroccan city that can apply for the organization of the Olympic Games or for organizing any regional, continental or international multidisciplinary games and competitions sponsored by the IOC. 
  • To provide the equipment, transportation and accommodation for the members of the selected delegations.
  • The Moroccan NOC is also responsible for choosing the official uniforms and sports outfits worn by the members of the delegation at the Olympic Games or international competitions sponsored by the IOC. 
  • To ensure the full conformity of the athletes’ equipment with the regulations of the international federations and the IOC. 
  • To regularly update a list of available and reachable members at any time at the General Secretary.